Clean up your duplicate photos

A desktop software tool to clean up your beloved photo albums at the click of a button. All you need to do is just sit back and enjoy.

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Intuitive Cleanup

We compare, quantify and pinpoint near identical images taken in bursts keeping the best photo in sequence

Global Photo Organization

Search multiple folders, get an instant overview of all the content and decide on the duplicates.

Folder Merging

Give us your source, destination folders, we'll guide you and take care of everything.

Clean Design

Clean and easy to use interface to organize all your photos in one go.

Software Screenshots

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Time for a Digital Spring Clean

Time for a Digital Spring Clean

Every budding photographer loves to snap away till their heart’s content. You need to try all kinds of subtle variations in angle and lighting before you get that one perfect photo that is worth trying all afternoon for. The issue is then what to do with the rest? You can archive, you never know when […]

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Building Your Portfolio

Building Your Portfolio

Every budding photographer needs a portfolio. Whether you are a professional, aspiring amateur, or just enjoying learning a new hobby, your portfolio is where you can group the best of the best you capture through your lens. Don’t think of it as an expensively produced glossy book you would only ever hand over to potential […]

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What Makes a Photo Beautiful

What Makes a Photo Beautiful?

It is a question that every photographer can answer intuitively by showing you an example from their portfolio, but how do you break that feeling of beauty and wonder down and put the feelings into simple words on a side of paper? The first thing that you need to consider is the subject matter, and […]

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A desktop software tool to clean up your beloved photo albums at the click of a button.

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