5 Top Tips For Beginner Photographers

  • 4th April 2017

Getting into the art of photography is a great way to spend your time. With the opportunity to create art at the click of a button, all you need to do is get your lens trained on a subject that interests you, and fire away.

  1. Find something that inspires you

Photography is very much a journey where you get to know your subject matter in detail, so take your time, and find something that really inspires you to get out and get snapping. Don’t try and force it, you’ll know when you find it.

  1. Don’t spend a fortune on your first camera

The art of photography is not about spending a fortune on the most advanced equipment and then trying to reproduce the work of the professionals. It is all about doing something you enjoy in your free time, and if you get more and more into it over time and start to look at the latest technology, then even better.

  1. Manage your images

Managing your images is just as important as taking them in the first place. Invest in an easy to use duplicate photo finder, I use Photo Duplicate Cleaner because it is intuitive and straightforward. Keeping your albums clean, simple, and up to date is essential for getting full enjoyment out of your new hobby.

  1. Experiment with new techniques

Photography is all about having fun, so don’t be afraid to read up on a few of the more advanced techniques and give them a try. You don’t need to worry about being able to do them perfect the first time. Just enjoy learning the basics of something new.

  1. Show people what you can do

Build up a small portfolio and put it online. It really is that simple to show the world what you can do, and best of all it gives you something to look back on with pride at the end of a long day shooting.


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