Building Your Portfolio

  • 4th April 2017

Every budding photographer needs a portfolio. Whether you are a professional, aspiring amateur, or just enjoying learning a new hobby, your portfolio is where you can group the best of the best you capture through your lens.

Don’t think of it as an expensively produced glossy book you would only ever hand over to potential customers, that is not what photography is really about. By focusing your efforts on a self-consistent body of work, your portfolio is the perfect reason to get up and out the door and go explore the world through your lens.

By giving you something to focus on, building a portfolio allows you to explore a whole range of new techniques to produce subtle variations that you won’t fully appreciate until you come to create a body of work. Think of it is as a great way to show yourself what you can achieve with a bit of practice.

Knowing where to start can be difficult, so begin by picking a subject matter that means something to you. It doesn’t what it is, don’t be swayed by what is in vogue, just go with something that means a lot to you. With an inspirational subject matter in your back pocket, you will never be short of ideas when it comes to your next shot.

Don’t try and get everything perfect on your first shoot, photography is a creative process not a one and done activity. Next, you want to get your first day’s shooting up on the PC, and use some duplicate photo cleaner software, I like to use Photo Duplicate Cleaner. By getting rid of your duplicates and near identical shots, you can zoom in on the images you want to build your portfolio around. Once you have found them, all you need to do is keep at it and refine your collection every day until it is something you take great pride in.


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