Time for a Digital Spring Clean

  • 4th April 2017

Every budding photographer loves to snap away till their heart’s content. You need to try all kinds of subtle variations in angle and lighting before you get that one perfect photo that is worth trying all afternoon for.

The issue is then what to do with the rest? You can archive, you never know when they may come in handy. But in most circumstances, you genuinely don’t need that many near identical photos. Clicking through your entire DropBox can take days, so that’s why I always use Photo Duplicate Cleaner.

An intuitive and easy to use piece of software that allows you to find duplicate photos and remove them with the click of a button, Photo Duplicate Cleaner does the hard work so you don’t have to. I trust the way it works, and know it won’t suddenly wipe out those few precious images that I want to keep above all else.

By allowing you to compare photos side by side, and quantifying the degree of similarity, this is one piece of software that does a little more than a bulk delete that you will spend all afternoon trying to reverse if it gets it wrong.

To give your DropBox a little TLC this spring, I couldn’t recommend Photo Duplicate Cleaner highly enough. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to see how it works, and you get a clean and clear portfolio of stunning images with just a few clicks of the button. What could be better for leaving with you with the fruits of your labour for a little bit of inspiration for the next shooting session?

If you are going to do one bit of spring cleaning, make it Photo Duplicate Cleaner. If there is a quicker and easier way to keep your folders from becoming flooded and overrun, then I haven’t found it!


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